オードリー・フォンドゥカヴが今月24日より代々木上原にあるNo.12 Galleryにて個展を開催いたします。
新作はすべてフレンチ・アルシェ紙の上に無機顔料を塗りつけて描いた より抽象的な作品になっています。
会期6月24日ー7月4日 1時から6時(月ー木)、1時から7時半(金、土、日)
会場:No.12 Gallery 東京都渋谷区上原2-29-13 TEL. 03-3468-2445

About the work / Audrey Fondecave: This work is more abstract than the last works I have done. The works I am showing are visual, mental landscapes put on paper. They are paintings made of pigments on Arche paper, reminiscent of one of my favorite activities as a child. As a little girl, I would close my eyes and blink them so hard that shapes, colours and shades of light would dance in front me. I loved these shapes so much, I would keep on doing this, even if I was scared to harm my eyes. It was like being on drugs, natural LSD. I was amazed how abstraction can be born naturally in my mind, independently from everything, expect from the surrounding light. Different from dreams that are charged with connections to life, experiences and feelings. These visual landscapes are purely organic, physiological abstraction. I never thought I would be capable of drawing these landscapes, of transcribing them into images. It took me so long to finally decide to put aside the figurative and narrative world that I have been creating for so long. and try. In this present work, the images I have produced are pure perception, free of any other motivation than simply putting on paper the flow of images my mind produces. I might conduct them, by closing my eyes, rubbing them, changing the light around me, but I don't control them. I also think my interest for pre-fabricated images has faded, I blame it on the visual invasion that is my life everyday. But my love for stories and information hasn't disappeared, it is just taking another path, separate from the images I make, standing by themselves on white paper also, only in the shape of words. I don't know yet if splitting these two sides of my work is a progression or a regression. I might figure it out one day.

"Dans la peau d'Âne わたしのロバと王女"も会場にて販売しております